Our Story

The Miranda Family

With roots in farming in El Salvador, across the Central America Coffee Belt, Jose and Berta both started in Hawaii as coffee and macadamia nut pickers. In 2006 they realized their dream, and the Miranda Family – along with their four children Maria, Ana, Carlos, and Gabriel – started Miranda Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii. They obtained their first coffee plantation of ten acres in Pahala, Moaula Cloud Rest. As they gradually increased in business, they expanded to another 20 acres. Miranda's Farms is established on the foundation of faith, humility, and, most notably, God, the heart of the business.

Jose & Berta Miranda share a passion for Kaʻu coffee. Jose says “Coffee trees are beautiful! I love to watch them grow, blossom and fruit.” Berta shares his feelings. “It is so beautiful on the farm. When we are away we miss seeing the day to day changes in the trees.” Due to their devotion and harvesting practices, Jose and Berta are the most dedicated of Ka’u coffee farmers!