Miranda's Farms awards

Award Winning Coffee

The journey that began with planting our roots in beautiful Pahala in 2006 has earned us many awards and accolades.

  • Miranda's Farm

    Grown in The Deep Volcanic Soils of Kaʻū

    Grown on the south slope of the largest volcano on the planet, Mauna Loa, the sunny mornings combined with the natural shade of cloudy afternoons create optimal growing conditions for our Kaʻū coffee, but the volcanic activity and rainfall of the region bring their challenges.

  • dark, medium and light roast beans

    Processed with Love, Care, and Dedication

    To ensure the highest quality, most delicious specialty coffee is delivered to your cup, our award winning coffee is meticulously and deliberately grown, harvested, milled, roasted and brewed with the spirit of Aloha.